Purposes / Angling and sport fishing

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Anglers who own their own boats know what a blessing it is to be able to fish safely in a stable boat, and how important stability and safety are. If you are looking for a boat that won’t tip unexpectedly or one that is practical in bad weather too? Come and experience the pleasant sailing qualities of a Whaly boat, so you can relax and enjoy your hobby and the peace and quiet of the water!

Whaly’s boats are very low-maintenance: all you need is soap and water or a high-pressure cleaner and your boat will be ready again in no time at all, leaving you with even more time to enjoy your hobby.

We would be delighted to help you find the Whaly that suits your tastes. Please allow us to introduce the Whaly boats/models for angling and sport fishing:

  • Whaly 310
  • Whaly 370
  • Whaly 435 / 435R Professional
  • Whaly 455 / 455R Professional
  • Whaly 500 / 500R Professional
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