Purposes / Lifeboats

Safety first! More and more often, Whaly boats are used in commercial shipping as lifeboats stored on board. If your industry recognises the necessity of a practical lifeboat, why not try Whaly’s almost indestructible crafts? They can be used for all sorts of different rescue operations, but in whatever situation they are, you know that safety comes first with Whaly.

Nobody likes think of disasters, but if one does arise, you have to act quickly. If you are looking for extremely sturdy basic equipment or a boat that can take some rough handling, you will find that you can rely on the optimal safety of Whaly’s boats: safety for you and your passengers.

We would be delighted to help you find the Whaly that suits your needs. Please allow us to introduce Whaly boats/models for rescue operations:

  • Whaly 370
  • Whaly 435 / 435R Professional
  • Whaly 455 / 455R Professional
  • Whaly 500 / 500R Professional
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