Purposes / Tenders

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Since we introduced the Whaly 270, more and more Whaly boats have been sold as tenders or dinghies for larger-scale yachts. Are you tired of blowing up rubber boats? Are you looking for an alternative option that’s very stable? All yachts need a reliable tender, of course.

Whaly’s range includes several multi-functional models. Are you looking for something comfortable and sporty or a tender you can get in the water in next to no time? You can just step into a Whaly and sail off!

We would be delighted to help you find the Whaly that suits your needs. Please allow us to introduce the Whaly boats/models suitable as tenders or dinghies:

  • Whaly 270
  • Whaly 310
  • Whaly 370
  • Whaly 435 / 435R Professional
  • Whaly 455 / 455R Professional
  • Whaly 500 / 500R Professional
  • Whaly 450 Classic
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