Whaly Options / Accessories

Benches / Consoles
Model: Whaly 310.370, 435, 435R

Set Oarlocks (aluminium)                                                                                        
Model: 310, 370, 435, 435R

Set Oarlocks (plastic)                                                                  
Model: 210, 270

Set Oars                                                                               
Model: Whaly 210                                                       1.50m                                      
Model: Whaly 270                                                       1.80m                                      
Model: Whaly 310, 370, 435, 435R                            2.20m                                      


Inox Frame (Navigation frame)
Model: Whaly 370, 435

Bimini (inox + canvas black)                                                      
(Only in combination with inox frame)

Railing (Bow railing)                                                                     
Model: 370                                                                                         
Model: 435                                                                                         


excluding 21% Dutch VAT

( incl. VAT.)

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