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Choose Whaly
for boating fun!

Whaly boats offer you plenty of boating fun at affordable prices! These extremely sturdy, double-walled boats are manufactured entirely out of plastic (polyethylene), so they are low-maintenance, have very spacious interiors and are very safe.

Recreational use

Sailing in a low-maintenance boat it’s no problem with a Whaly!

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Professional use

Whaly’s Polyethylene work boats are tough, long-lasting and have good sailing qualities.

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Boat hire companies

Rent a Whaly! See in which place you can rent a Whaly.

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Looking for a dealer?

Which dealers in your area sell Whaly boats? Check this list to find approved Whaly dealers and all the necessary contact details.


We would be delighted to help you find the Whaly that suits your needs.

Increasingly more boat hire companies are choosing Whaly boats – and that’s not really surprising, considering their safety and great sailing qualities. And as a boat hire company, you’ll be glad to know that Whaly’s boats require very little maintenance; they are also extremely sturdy and can stand some very rough handling. Even small instances of damage like scratches are almost invisible because the boats are built from materials that have solid colouring.


Purposes for Whaly Boats

Boating fun for everybody!

Recreational use View
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Professional use View
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Boat Hire Companies View
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Rescue activities View
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Watersport Schools View
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Angling and Sport Fishing View
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Tenders View
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Electric Sailing View
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Does a Whaly Boat suits you?

If you are looking for a boat that is versatile, reliable, and low-maintenance, a Whaly boat is a good option to consider.             Find out if a Whaly Boat suits you! Check our models or contact a dealer nearby.