About Whaly

Whaly manufactures boats using rotational moulding, which means that we can produce fully plastic (PE), one-piece, double-walled craft.

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Whaly Models

All Whaly models are perfect for recreational use, but many of them are also very suitable for professional purposes. Whether you are looking for a stable escort craft for a sailing school, a Whaly boat for rescue operations or a rugged Whaly for your boat hire business, Whaly’s well thought-out design, which emphasises strength and stability, offers many options.

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There's boating fun for everyone!

Whaly are suitable for:

  • Recreational boats
  • Work boats
  • Escorts Boats for water sport schools
  • Boat hire comapnies
  • Rescue operations
  • Angling and sport fishing
  • Tenders
  • Electric sailing

Of course, you want to think carefully about the purchase of your boat: which boat would suit you most? If you are looking for a boat that can stand some rough handling, why not try a Whaly boat?


Here's why

  • Incredibly sturdy: this boat is moulded in one piece
  • Made completely from double-walled plastic (Polyethylene)
  • Stability is the boat’s main feature: safety is guaranteed
  • A sleek design combined with comfort
  • Low-maintenance (needs only soap and water or a high-pressure cleaner)
  • Colour-fast (all boats are UV-stabilised)
  • Very spacious interiors
  • CE-certified

Is a Whaly Boat something for you?

Find out of a Whaly Boat is something for you. Check our models and feel free to contact us or a dealer near by.