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Whaly 455

The Whaly 455 is suitable for many purposes, an open boat made of high-grade plastic (Polyethylene) The model is unique by its big inner space and multi-use! ; for recreational use, but also very suitable for professional purposes. Whether you are looking for a stable Work boat, escort craft for a sailing school, a Whaly boat for rescue operations or a rugged Whaly for your boat rental business, Whaly’s, well thought-out design, which emphasises strength and stability, offers many options.


Length 4.50 m / 14'9''
Width 1.75 m / 5'8''
Height 0.85 - 1.01 m / 34'' 40''
Height of Stern 0.52 m / 20.5''
Draft 0,25 m / 10''
Weight (approx) 290 kg / 639 lbs
CE Cat. C Numbers of persons 6
CE Cat. D numbers of persons 8
CE Cat. C Max Capacity / Load 580 kg / 1279 lbs
CE Cat. D Mac Capacity / Load 730 kg / 1609 lbs
Shaft length of outboard engine Long
Maximum engine power 30 kW / 40 HP
Maximum engine weight 120 kg / 265 lbs


  • Steering Console
  • Bench with storage space
Available colors Standard:
Dark Grey
Light Grey
Signal Yellow
Ocean Green
Optional colors on request

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